Elaboration is the best technique to use when learning everything.  Yep, even muscle memory (see still learning).  The US Navy likes to refer to it as neurological training.

Since day one, Motley Dog Dog Training was founded on the principles of elaboration. Which no other dog trainer offers. Now it may sound complicated and if we delve into all the psychological theories behind it we could over complicate the idea with ease.

We will just use the simple definition found in the Marriam -Webster dictionary :

Simple Definition of elaborate

  • : to give more details about something : to discuss something more fully

  • : to bring (something, such as an idea or a plan) to a more advanced or developed state

Motley Dogs idea or plan is base on  Motley’s Top 10 found on out website.

The manner in which we suggest practice exercises is not based on repetition.  Repetition leads to mindless drills that result in sloppy and inconstant results if you are not both attending to the situation. Also, repetition lends its self to ritual, context dependency or state dependent learning. We use scenarios. situational awareness, episodes of learning and elaboration. These are designed for you and should fit into your life and deal with the real circumstances of your training goals.

Completing training exercises makes the skill more relevant and binds the skills together into a procedure. These procedures are then given greater detail by performing them in a variety of situations.  This results in a greater understanding of each command and attempt to communicate.

Motley and I have made it to the point that we almost have our own language. This manner of training also makes adding new skills far less complicated and makes practice a part of your daily life.

This is a very simply explanation of elaboration and how it is practiced but feel free to contact Motley and I with any questions or to give our Superior method of dog training a try.

Woof !!!!


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