Training and emotion

Well, I thought about pulling an April fools joke but, after buku email with just that, I changed my mind.

I am keeping it short this month… spring thing I guess 🙂

When training you need to monitor your emotions and that of your teammate. by the time you attempt to navigate a stressful environment you should have elaborated each skill to the point that it has become automatic.

If you move into a situation were anxiety and/or over excitement becomes an issue you need to take a step back and focus on that emotion.  Once you have reached a certain emotional intensity learning and recall go out the window. (Loftus)

All to often I see people getting frustrated with their dog because the dog is far to excited or anxious to work in the conditions that are present.  You have to do that ground work or you have to accept that under certain conditions your dog is not in a state of mind to communicate with you.  It is also very important to realize that what might be a very secure and calm environment for one dog or person maybe a trigger of anxiety and/or excitement for others.

Be a good leader and set your team up for success.



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Motley says WOOF !