It Ain’t Over Till it’s Over

Yep, another great saying for this month.

I love this one because, I don’t know how many times in life something happens that is difficult and you just want the bad luck to end. Well, I just tell myself to keep fighting and it will be over when its over.  Accepting this truth makes the journey ahead a little easier.


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This is great for dog training because all to often people come to Motley and I and the first thing they say is :

“My dog has this problem >>>>>>> fill in the blank.” “How long will it take to fix them?”


If you are faced with a dog that has a behavioral problem you have a few choices that you have to make.

  1. Am I willing to put in the time and effort with this dog and be proud of Small Victories.
  2. Am I in this with my dog (teammate) until we succeed.  It Ain’t Over Till It’s Over.
  3. Can I accept that I may have to change some things I am doing in order to help my dog and teammate.  90%  of the time it is the environment not the dog.

At Motley Dog Dog Training we use experience’s and a variety of situations to expose you and your dog to situations that require re-learning. Re-learning is always more difficult then learning something correctly the first time.

It is also important to note that, as we have said in our literature before, we work with the dogs inherent behavior not against it.  Example, Military working dogs are taught to bite, bark and chase things on command. The idea is to use their talents but, with control. So, there are really two categories of dogs.

  1. Dogs that exhibit normal behavior such as barking, biting or chasing moving objects like rabbits. The dog’s teammate does not realize that most common dogs were actually bred for these traits.
  2. A Dog shows fear leading to excessive barking or biting. This is a compound problem since, one the behaviors of barking and biting are like bred into the dog but, you have to address the aggression, anxiety or medical problem before you teach control of instinct.

The majority of “Dog Problems” fall into category one.  You need to find ways to use the dogs “genetic identity” in a constructive manner.  Motley and I specialize in this.

First you must break the old habit, which maybe implicit or not a conscious act. This includes your behavior. If every time your dog barks you freakout and start yelling at them. Might need to rethink your response. With instinctual behaviors you will need to put in the time and effort to be able to intervene before the dog acts.  If your dog likes to chase bunnies, you need to be vigilant, see your dog ramping up and step in to shape that behavior. Once the dog bolts.. you missed your chance to teach control.

Step two is to Elaborate the new behavior in many situations until it replaces the old behavior and becomes automatic.

This process takes just a long and it takes. The time differs between individuals and is influenced by the amount of time that is allocated to the task.

An example, if you tell us that your dog is constantly chasing bunnies. We will first help you re-learn the basics of  command and control. If you don’t do the homework you won’t succeed.  Next we will advise you to go out in many different environments and see bunnies.  You will be trained on how to manage these experiences and if you are diligent you will end up controlling the dogs “Genetic Identity.”  However, this behavior is hard wired into your dog. (review the story we told about the highly train Police Dog that ran out the door and killed a small dog or the side walk.)

Why does this happen, dogs are predators, we have breed them for centuries to have certain inherit behaviors such as, barking, biting and chasing things. Even with a highly trained dog you are only guiding their behavior.

Tip: if any dog trainer tells you that they can eliminate a genetically driven behavior they are either delusional or just lying.

So, when you ask Motley and I …. when will this be over… the honest answer is that we can look for improvements with-in a given time frame but,

Yep, you guessed it..

It Ain’t Over Till It Is Over !!!


Till next time,






This is not a do it yourself guide. In psychology what seems simple often is not. A qualified professional should always be consulted when attempting any of the techniques discussed on the Motley Dog Dog Training website and/or blog.

This is also why we do not and will never offer our training in and “on-line” format.  We have had several people steal our name in an attempt to ride on the success of our work. Make sure it is really Motley Dog Dog Training. If you bought an on line do it yourself course IT AIN’T Motley Dog Dog Training. 🙂


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