Good Stuff 50 secrets your vet wont tell you

Good Stuff 50 secrets your vet wont tell you

Normally I am not into this kind of thing but, this Readers Digest slide show has some good tips. Check it out. Not necessarily our point of view but, does promote thought.

Motley and I have had a lot of experience with vets unfortunately. Some of our favorites so far. J

Dr Jeff Young…. yep the famous one .. no one is perfect 🙂

Dr Jeff Baier … This guy is a wild animal vet and a great choice for Motley 🙂 He did his amputation and was great.

Maybe if your vet’s name is Jeff you are in good hands.. no seriously make sure your dogs doctor is board certified at something or make sure you get a 2nd opinion and remember when we recommend a vet for behaviour, make sure the vet you choose knows something about behavior. Just saying .. Dr Jeff Baier is a good choice, sure the other Dr Jeff is great too. They do work together.

Thank you both for the exceptional care you gave my little boy and how you put him about the almighty dollar. You guys are better then most of the pricey choices anyway.. you deserve a TV show.





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