Interesting Website about Canine Research

Interesting Website about Canine Research


Highly recommend reading this. One of the many reasons the foundation you build with your dog using Motley Dog Dog Training is the best.

This foundation is so important we have given it a catchy name. Evolution Zero. Look for posts coming soon… or just email Motley for training. [email protected]

An important note: This project only takes into account what I call modeling. This is just one method of learning.  I have noticed that a lot of canine experimentation only takes into account a small fraction of what needs to be considered. So, while these things are very entertaining they require you to think and ask a lot of questions… that is why I like to post them.

I began using thinking and problem solving around 2012. Believe me dogs are smarter then people give them credit for 🙂

See also: “get your dog thinking”

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