Motley Dog Dog Training Attachment and Bonding

Motley Dog Dog Training Attachment and Bonding

Velkom to Evolution Zero. 2018 update

Why do we have such a crazy name for bonding. A lot of it has to do with entertaining myself and Motley but, the practical reason is that as my clients know this is the most important skill set we teach. It is the foundation of all training to come.

When we talk about bonding we are not talking about your dog liking you. A dog will like you if you feed them and are nice to them most of the time. Sometimes even if you don’t. They really should have higher expectations for we humans 🙂

Here at Motley Dog Dog Training we use attachment theory combined with team lead skills that if practiced as directed end in the acquisition of four important components of your relationship with your dog.

  1. Letting your dog choose to be with you (dogs self directed exploration under your protection)
  2. Earning trust ( predictable safety and leadership) Dog will expand its self guided exploration but, look to you for protection and guidance.
  3. Earning respect through appropriate leadership and communication
  4. Understanding and managing emotional states of you and your dog.

Learning to be the team leader begins on day one here at Motley Dog Dog Training. You will be taught how to understand your dog and communicate boundaries, rules and give guidance when necessary. Your dog will come programmed to understand non verbal communication from you. We just teach you how to have a congruent non verbal message for your dog and how to better understand what your dog is telling you. You will learn to communicate, trust and respect each other. Yes the greatest leaders have the greatest teams because they have mutual trust and respect and know how to communicate with each other.

Building a secure attachment is different for everyone.. one size does not fit all. As we learn your teams strengths and weaknesses we will learn to predict and get out in front of problems and learn self control, or impulse control. These things should always be proactive because reacting is to late.  We learn how to manage your emotional states and your dogs.. ( I am not suppose to tell you that 🙂 ) This is unique to Motley Dog Dog Training since even the most elite trainers seem to think dogs lack emotion and the ability to create complex associations. Simply, it depends on how you define these things but, if you are capable of complex psychological conditions like PTSD, we can safely say that more research on the subject is warranted. Also, I have no idea how you train a dog without learning these things. The truth is that most dog trainers, even the most famous and experienced seem to think that a good ecollar or prong collar and a stern correction is a good choice. Advice like this clues me into the fact that this trainer has a very limited understanding of psychology and behavioral science. Guess what the most secure bonds are built by those who work through these things together. Here is a dog training secret… 90% of dog training is behavioral management and working with what nature gave you. So you and your dog need to start learning what makes each other tick and how you will get through it from day one.

Now those of you who follow us know this is not a DIY how to guide. All I can say is that every client who has been through evolution zero has loved it and benefited from it.  This is over years.  I thought it would be a good idea to post for the new client who often wounder why we ask such crazy things. There is a method to the madness and if you put in the time and effort you and your dog may exceed your own expectations.

Rule one even if you dream of the most obedient dog that everyone admires… relax do the work, have a good time and dont take yourself so seriously. When you see that dog that has all of those qualities you wish you had, I can promise they earned it, made mistakes, got embarrassed, thought they had no idea what they were doing but they just persevered. They likely laughed it off, asked how do I better communicate with my dog, what is my dog really communicating to me? and had some fun while they figured it out.


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Your emotional state will effect your dog and they will know how you feel before you do, cant fool a dog.

In closing I have to point out that nothing good with come of your training if you do not have a secure attachment with your dog. If you use most bonding techniques you will come to Motley and I with statements like… “my dog loves me, we  bond all the time… but wont listen to a think I say.”  You got this.


Enjoy, we will see you soon.


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