Motley Says What A Year !

Motley Says What A Year !

Well just to let everyone know whats going on with us. It has been a crazy bunch of months

As some of you know Motley has had a bout with cancer and had an amputation. I have been working on learning new things in the dog training world we are always striving for improvement here at Motley Dog. Just thought I would post that we are going with a more by appointment only kind of a part time thing. Due to my lil boys needs and other catastrophes this will allow me to give you  the attention you deserve while fulfilling my other duties.  It is my hope that we can ramp things up again soon but, family first right. If there are any dog training concerns that you feel need immediate attention let me know in your email.  These cases will be dealt with quickly and have 1er priority. Thank you all for your support.

As for our year + long adventurer into the world of online dog training as and instructor and team lead under an elite dog trainer. Well, here is our summation.

We did learn how a famous dog trainer trains which was cool. Also, great videos but, no new techniques or principles. I was surprised. We were asked to stay and help train and that was in my mind an endorsement that we are highly qualified dog trainers, maybe even elite ourselves?

So, good for Motley ! had a good time and will be looking for our next learning experience. When you think you have it right and stop learning you are done & likely wrong 🙂


We are still in the fight and will keep you updated.


Thank you to all who have offered good wishes and support.

If anyone wants to thank us for our help, complain or give Motley some praise,

We do enjoy hearing from you.


While we have a little down time I have been updating all our stuff for 2018

Hope you enjoy and it makes you think.

there are thousands of DIY training tools but, we want you to think

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