Freedom and Rights

Freedom and Rights


When I was growing up we believed without a doubt that no matter how rich or how poor you where  we were all Americans, all free and had rights. These where the things that made us all equal. If you worked smart and hard under this system the poorest could become rich and the rich could go broke.. if they didn’t work at it 🙂 Now unlike other countries, rights and freedom were something we would die for without question and the government could not and would not even attempt to take our freedom and rights away from us. Personal privacy was a sacrament, if a company or government were to try to invade our privacy.. God help them.  As a matter of fact, the 2nd amendment was added to the constitution for this very purpose. It has NOTHING to do with hunting rabbits or shooting the occasional burglar although these are useful rights to have. Now there is a weak argument out there that if the government every wanted to take control by force there is nothing we could do about it even if we all had AR Rifles.

The difference between my America and the one you are creating. We would rather die fighting for our rights and freedoms then to just surrender and comply like sheep. Think of the greatest generation facing the heavily fortified Germans on those beaches on DDay… they did not have a hope in hell! how did that turn out. Maybe this is why they are called the Greatest Generation? The truth of the matter is that huge companies have far more money and information then any government. so, government is likely not our biggest threat. To me the 2nd amendment has nothing to do with guns and everything to do with an attitude toward defending other Americans and defending our freedom. It is an attitude that if you mess with America you mess with us all. We need to regain that attitude. We also need to remember what freedom is and to stop just giving our power away to the government and large companies.

Companies are motivated by profit and are not very particular how they are made in the short term. This is not an anti corporation statement based on emotion or bias, simply observing the long list of truly short term thinking that has lead to a cluster of problems for us all. This would include exercising trade agreements that serve no one and in some cases they do not even serve the long term prosperity of the company who made the agreements. In America companies have the right and freedom to pursue business as they see fit but, it is sad that the government has to keep diving in to save them or fix a poor situation that the companies created. They do not want regulation and rules but, it costs us a lot of money to bail them out. Freedom is not free you have to take responsibility for your actions especially if you do not want government rules. American companies also need to step up and show allegiance to the country the allowed them to exist and created a system for their success. The US Government has better things to do besides babysit companies. Our government was designed to be a think tank not a manager.

Governments have a set of rules and ours has three independent branches who are suppose to serve as checks and balances for the others. Our system is designed to be cumbersome, and adversarial to a certain extent. But believe it or not, the founding fathers intent was to ultimately protect us from our own government. This is why the highest of these rules for all is the oath to protect and defend the constitution.

I know that taking an oath these days does not carry the weight it once did but, the majority of the people elected by us including those who become citizens take an oath to defend and uphold the constitution of the United States of America from all enemies foreign or domestic.. something like that. We no longer believe we can do anything, we do not guard our freedoms and our rights and that is why the young have no idea what true freedom is.

We live in a society were you give your information, which is power, your power, to whatever company tells us this will make us safer and/or is very convenient for you.  Most live in homes they really don’t own or at least the land your home is on and you live by the rules of an HOA.  Even the companies we work for have decided that they can monitor and dictate your behavior at home and at work. People, information is power. Wake up and smell the Java. There are two kinds of societies and we our losing ours.

The first society is based on the government (some based on a single religious philosophy)  taking care of the people. You have no privacy from the government no absolute rights or freedoms. They make the rules and the morals and you shut up and live in whatever state results. The other is a place where the strong care for the weak we guard our privacy, freedoms and rights to the death because we see how life goes for those who do not have these things. By the way, if non-citizens have the same rights and privileges as citizens what value does citizenship have ?  Every person who visits America should be treated with the utmost dignity and respect and we should not need a law to tell us that. Most of these people are running here for safety from a government or religious group that wants to control or kill them.  Some would say that freedom is not as safe as the alternative but, look at that countries who live under government and/or religious rule. Even the Chinese owe their current condition, not to communism but, to the ideas that we once stood for. Russia almost regained its status on the worlds stage under an American inspired model until Putin held them back by not being able to give up past glory and see a better future. In Russia I would likely be incarcerated or killed just for writing that. Which society is really the safest and which would you have a better quality of life in?

This is not a pro gun, religious rights or pro-choice piece, it is a pro freedom and rights peace. A pro American piece. For those who believe we need more religious and/or government guidance consider this, what if you where told sure have your religious freedom but, you can only go to these churches, you can only stay for two hours and you can only read these books. Not mention that you have to be on a government list to go to church. This is analogous to what is happening to all of our freedoms and rights. Even the fact that I used the word church violates religious freedom.. what about the other religions and their places of worship. You may pipe up and say … well they are not right.. America was founded on Christianity. You maybe right but, the founding fathers where intelligent enough to observe the world around them and decide that there had to be a separation of church and state.  This idea of one religion being right over another is likely what the Taliban told the people of Afghanistan and Iraq. Never mind that it was under duress. You either get my point or you have never learned much about societies that are controlled by a government or religion. We need to appreciate and use our freedoms and rights to have honest straight forward conversations about problems in our society.

I would like to point out that when it comes to “pro-choice” vs “pro-life” they have the courage and integrity to admit this is about the constitution. Neither side has proclaimed a victory over the Catholic church as opposed to the “anti-gun” position who try to manipulate you by claiming victory over the NRA. The NRA is simply a group trying to defend a right in the constitution just like the churches that try to stand up for their interpretation of the constitution. Both groups have serious flaws so, I would focus on the actual argument instead of a group. Women, unless you can become pregnant all by yourselves we have a long way to go to sort out reproductive rights.  However freedom means that the individual is always given a choice and can act independently of any government or religious doctrine or law.  So you see when you creat a law it takes away everyone’s freedom to choose. The answer to both problems is not that either position is wrong but, who leads.  Freedom means you can start a group who hates guns and teaches others of similar beliefs as too can religions or any other position. Lead people lead, but, we do not want a law or a government or church telling us all what to do…. not American. There maybe a time when society as a whole adopts your favored position on guns and/or abortion. This is called a societal norm. You have to earn them not legislate them. My favorite example is that Democrats argue that Roe vs Wade is settled law.. yet the 2nd amendment is not.. can’t have it both ways guys. Freedom of speech is just that. No were in the constitution does it limit free speech. Again the founding Fathers we not stupid once you start limiting any of the rights and freedoms granted by the constitution you have failed freedom. Not the point of the founding documents.

A society based on laws for all is great and we need rules however, we need to be much faster at correcting laws that do not solve the situation that they were intended to fix. Be honest for a change, has our War on Drugs, outlawing or even regulating drugs had any success? Here is the sad part, the majority of gun violence emanates from our drug policies. Research it, do you think that the majority of gun violence is caused by people fighting over something else? School shootings are likely caused by the stratification of our society the haves and have nots this is exacerbated by the fact that we have no heath care system and our heath services for mental issues is ineffective and almost nonexistent. So, of course stress makes mental issues worse and the constant reminder that you are on the bottom gives these people a sense of hopelessness.  In almost every case people know there was a problem but, no one stepped up. Social Norms people… the strong look out for the weak.. lead people lead. Stop blaming the law or Government and stop giving your rights and freedoms away.

We should never pass a law that takes away or restricts the right and freedoms that are found in our constitution they should be interpreted in the broadest possible manner.  Guys a good example of what I am talking about is current legal struggle over pot law. We as a society decided that it was ok even though the laws said it was illegal. This is really how societies should work. Just because something is legal or you have a right to do something does not mean you have to participate in that. Social Norms are what really govern a society regardless of law.  By the way the government does not create morals and ethics that is also societal norm and our leaders are simply mirrors of the society they lead. Those affiliated with a political party need to stop regurgitating whatever your leaders say and start thinking for yourselves.

While I am not a member of a political party nor, a strict constitutionalist I see the constitution as a foundation meant to give freedom.  So, I support the parts that give rights and freedom and admit that parts limiting freedom have and should be removed. As should laws that restrict rights and freedoms because obviously they don’t fix the problems we have in our society. We need to return to the pursuit of freedom and the American way.  Our constitution has severed as a tool to create a society like no other. I can not fully explain why but, I know it happened so, the Governments 1st priority is the preservation of these founding documents and the principles contained within.

The Governments job is to “uphold and defend” the constitution of the United States of America. In my mind this means that they should find ways to expand our rights and freedoms not limit them. The judiciary should interpret our rights and freedoms in the broadest terms possible.  As I said it is not necessarily the words but, the core principles of the founding documents we need to follow. Yes other countries do a lot of things we do not .. like take away freedoms for the “greater good” We do not live by these ideals, Americans look out for Americans.. we.. would rather die then not have our rights and freedoms. I should say we used to be willing to die or be free. Try to remember that laws do not create morality, leaders and society’s create morals and ethics. Freedom to do something does not mean you have to do it or even like or agree with it but, these choices should be made by the people not anyone else. Just to let you know where I stand, I am not happy with the way any of our rights and freedoms are being handled. I realized that if I wanted to know who was to blame I needed to look in the mirror. Who do all these other countries emulate and follow? America can either regain that fight for freedom and our rights that made us the greatest nation on earth or we can continue to meander down this path of weakness looking for the government and big business to control us and tell us what we can and can not do. The strong should look out for and lead the weak, remembering that all of us are created equal the strong can become the weak and the weak can become the strong as long as we stand together. We should all “up hold and defend the constitution of the United State of America from all enemies foreign or domestic…”

P.S we need to regain three beliefs that I feel have made us great.

  1. You do not mess with Americans – when someone does we all forget our differences and stand together
  2. American ingenuity …..We can solve any problem
  3.  Made in America .. this has nothing to do with global markets and everything to do with pride. Pride that we can make it better then anyone else on the planet. Or we can create it.
  4. All groups have members that embarrass the rest of the group and we wish they were not in our group so, stop looking at every member of any group as a bad apple and realize you have some crappy people in your group as well.


If you want something worth spending your time on lets add some rights and freedoms like health care. Now before the Democrats get all excited look at the VA. Past performance is the best predictor of future performance. The Government should be embarrassed and ashamed of this and so should we for allowing it to continue. It sickens me that we have so much talent in this country and yet those that are far more intelligent then I haven’t even attempted to come together to create an American model that offers access to high quality medical and psychological care to all. Now that is a valuable right. Obama and others have given it their best shoot but, matters like these require that we all decide if it is a right or not and all work to create the greatest Medical system on earth that other countries will follow. America you either lead, follow or get out of the way.  Just as with any problem there is your way.. my way.. and somewhere in the middle is the right way. The founding fathers where striving to find the right way… they did a great job. All we have to do is not screw it up.

I miss being the leader of rights, freedoms and democracy.


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