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Dog Behavior and Psychology

We have advanced degrees in science and have been trained by some of America’s elite.

(not trying to be an egotist but, this may mean that we are more qualified then someone with a few dog training certificates. We are still, always learning and improving.)  The Military’s elite dog trainers and handlers have a saying that when you decide that you know everything about dogs and your way is the only way… time to get out!

Motley’s Blog is really more of a thinking space. We present our thoughts and ideas and keep updating them. See told you we are always trying to make it to Tier One. !


After years and years and years of studying human psychology and a life time with dogs I realized that they two have far more in common then credit has been given. For decades dog training has been at a stand still. Interestingly enough, when Motley and I decided to go at this professionally we have come across several others who’s work and research supports the idea that besides communication dogs and people work in similar ways.  Even in communication we find that dogs are masters of interpreting us, through body language, smell and other non-verbal cues. We are finding that their ability to understand these cues far surpass our own. Crazy isn’t it. Well, long story short Motley and I are on a little adventure to use these new findings as well as tried and true psychology to better dog training. You will find that many of the techniques used in successful dog training are …. well … borrowed from psychologist and their methods of helping humans. They are very effective in both venues. Motley and I hope to expand on this and come up with a few new things along the way. We already have in our first months so, who knows what the future will bring. You all have my little boy Motley to thank so,  Hope you join us and enjoy the ride.

The Motley Dog Dog Training Model is based off what is right and natural for the dog not just tips and exercises that may or may not work and we do not subscribe to the idea that “One Size, Fits All”. You are an individual and so is your dog. The post on here are designed to make you think and to point out some of our differences. I am no author and I have no intention of trying to make yet another how to DIY blog. I hope they make you think and highlight that Motley really is different.

Motley Dog Dog Training, focuses on the use of applied psychology to teach Dogs and their teammates. We offer training sessions any afternoon, evening or weekend. We try to always work in situations that are realistic to the behavior we are learning. The training is personalized for you and your Dog. We use a combination of verbal and non-verbal communication combined with episodic/elabarative/scenario based training

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We do have far more education, training and experience then the majority of dog trainers … Elite.

However, we are always getting better, pushing ourselves and our clients to be better for dog everywhere. 🙂