About Us/ Dog Behavior and Psychology

About Us/ Dog Behavior and Psychology


I promise you that anything worth knowing in dog training was stolen from Psychology. But, Psychologist do it better 🙂


People always ask.. what kind of a dog trainer are you ?

This one always makes me think. And I find it a little funny,

Believe it or not if you want fluffy to be the best behaved couch potato on earth or the most feared Special Operations Dog down range, they all start with the same basics or core principles in mind.

How we achieve these goals is a matter of individual differences. The more “tools” your trainer has, the better chance you have of success. So, we have experience with All currently used methods of dog training to date. We decided that since psychologist are learning that dogs are far more advanced then animal behaviorist ever considered we need to use more advanced techniques that respect the dogs abilities and show far better long term results. Just as with all tools there is a time and place were good O’ conditioning is the best solution but, we always move beyond.

We are always learning, trying to improve and make things better for you and your dog. Our blog is more like notes that we share with you and we update and correct and argue all in the name of science.

We have decades of experience with all kinds of dogs, and people. It is possible that training with Motley may help you as much as your dog. There are NO other trainers in the area that can say that.

If you are interested in learning more EMAIL Motley,

1. We will discuss your goals and concerns via email … free consult

2. We will meet at a location that best fits the needs of the team. (we train in the real world and location will change)

3. We will come up with a plan of action that you and your dog can follow ( if you have a hard time we can change, we have more tools then the other trainers 🙂 )

4. Behavior changes so, our training is fluid, it changes as the needs of the team change. This is not a one size fits all proposition. Nor, do we teach a plethora of repetitive exercises to everyone and wish you luck.

5. We are always here for you and your dog so, call, email ask questions

You and your dog are now part of the Motley Dog Team. Take advantage of it.


Start your training now .. Email Motley get your free consultation and get underway.

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