How to meet a strange dog

Yep, we run into stuff and will post the problems people face and ideas on how you and your Dog can be more successful. We hope, let us know, don’t be afraid to leave a comment.

Well, Motley and I go into stores that allow dogs all the time. You see Mot use to be very insecure and would lash out at dogs, people and he even when after a statue of a Bear once. Gradual desensitization combined with our confidence building training techniques have worked wonders. This training is not for the fait of heart, you have to put your dog and yourself in the very situations that make them aggressive. I would recommend professional supervision.

One of Mot’s biggest obstacles is that he wont back down from a challenge.  If you try to stare him down he will attack without question. This is a problem with Men more then women. Strange men try to stare him down standing right in front of him as they move in closer for a pet. SERIOUSLY!! who taught you guys that. I am surprised that more people don’t get bitten. If one dog wants to pick a fight with another dog this is exactly how they do it. So, Mot says cut it out!!!

Women have their own unique problem with strange dogs. The start screeching in a high voice oh how cute rush right at Mot from head on and stick their hand in his face or try to pet him on top of the head. Again, Be SERIOUS who taught you that.

Here is how to meet a strange dog.

#1 ASK THE OWNER and Listen to what you are told.

Come from the side. Don’t look directly in the dogs eyes. The best solution is to ignore the dog and speak to the owner.


Do not DO NOT bend down in front of the dog and DO NOT try to pet the dog on the head. You don’t know each other like that yet

If the dog seems approachable pet it behind the front leg, sort of middle back, while you are standing to the side of the dog. This is similar to how dogs meet each other. If the dog likes it Slowly more toward his back. Still not the head or face.

DO NOT put your hand in a dogs face. Don’t know who came up with this one. Stand to the side and let the dog sniff you were it wants to sniff you. Take your time be calm and quite.

If you don’t follow these rules and are bitten DON’T BLAME THE DOG.

If I cut my finger off with a power saw because I don’t know what I am doing is it the saws fault.

If you love dogs great, give them the respect they deserve and learn how to properly communicate with them.



PS. do not run in a dog park. Never run from an aggressive dog…. it will catch you.

Do not grab or try to hold a dog

Make sure the dog has an easy path of escape.